Vape Vending at its best

Meet Vape Apes

Vape Apes is the only National full-service vape vending solution dedicated On-Trade in the UK.

Vape Apes can be found in all major cities, from Torquay to Newcastle, our sleek, modern, and attractive wall hung design complements each venue's style and décor.

Why is Vaping on trend?

Why Vapes, Why now ?

Vaping as a movement, is growing at a rate never before seen in our on-trade sector, with more than 10% of adults vaping, and up to 20% of existing smokers also vaping.

With your customers moving away from traditional combustible options and towards the contemporary & modern option of vaping, there is no better time to look for a solution in your venue.

Vape Vending Solution

Vape Vending Offer

Although small, the Vape Apes vending machine has amazing technology that powers automated retail with contactless payment solutions.

With zero upfront machine cost to the Vape Apes network benefits from free Installation, free maintenance, and free weekly stock replenishment, as well as a generous profit share on every vape sold.

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Vape Vending Not Achievable?

Behind The Bar

Not enough space? Not looking for a vape vending solution? Still want to offer your patrons vapes in venue? Vape Apes Back Bar Displays have you covered.

With Vape Apes back bar starter packs your venue will be set in a matter of minutes. The Vape Apes starter packs have the UK bestselling products & flavours to get your started.

The Vape Apes compact design holds over 30 products & 10 + flavours.

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