Introducing Our Behind the Bar Starter Kit

Introducing Our Behind the Bar Starter Kit

Meet the Vaping Needs of Your Customers Today

We're always working on ideas for how to optimise bars, pubs, clubs and late-night venues by offering vape vending solutions that meet the needs of customers.

We understand the challenges faced when it comes to retaining customers, especially in a highly competitive market. With 10% of adults now vaping, plus a further 20% of existing smokers turning to vaping to help them cease smoking, we've come up with the ultimate hassle-free vape vending solution. Not only does it enhance customer satisfaction but it also boosts in-venue revenue potential.

Our new Behind The Bar Starter Kits offer a convenient and accessible way for bars, pubs and all late-night venues to meet the demands of their customers. By offering disposable vapes for sale directly over the bar, venues can cater to customers’ needs and ensure they don't leave the venue to seek out somewhere that does sell them. This convenience factor not only keeps customers engaged in-venue but also encourages them to stay longer thereby increasing overall spend-per-head and sales, all whilst enhancing customer experience. Win win!

With a choice of two Starter Kits, venues can select packages that work around their footfall, offering a product range with either 4 or 6 weeks’ worth of stock. And with only 1 point of call to restock, venues are always fully supplied in the event of sudden spikes in over-the-bar sales. What’s more, our Vape Apes Starter Kits are fully loaded with the UK’s leading flavours matched with unparalleled quality brands, so you can stay clear of trying to figure out the best products to sell to your customers.

To find out more about how our Vape Apes Back Bar Display is the perfect addition to your venue, head over to our Contact us page and leave your details. We'll be in touch asap to discuss your requirements.

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