Meet the Future of Vape Vending: AI Age Verification

Meet the Future of Vape Vending: AI Age Verification

In an era defined by digital advancements, the vaping industry is not one to be left behind. Enter cutting-edge vape vending with foolproof age verification - a game-changer that satisfies the customers vaping needs, and also sets new standards for safety and responsible sales practices.

A Decade of Transformation

A significant transformation in the way age-restricted products are accessed through vending machines is taking place in the UK. For the first time, consumers are able to use digital ID technology on their smartphones to purchase vape products from vending machines. A 12-month trial, which was approved by Bucks & Surrey Trading Standards, marked a pivotal shift in how age verification and responsible sales practices are approached.

A Tech-Driven Approach to Age Verification

Here at Vape Apes, we're partnering with award-winning age verification specialist, Yoti to implement age-verification across all our vape vending machines. It includes an advanced identity verification process that utilises biometric facial recognition and various data points to ensure that only individuals of legal age can access the vape products. The digital ID technology will be seamlessly integrated into our vending machines. 

Streamlined Purchasing Process

The customer journey through a vape vending machine is designed to be seamless. To make a purchase, users simply look at the camera on a device and have their photo taken. Yoti's algorithm instantly estimates their age based on their face, certified for use in a Challenge 25 policy area. Once verified, customers can select their desired product, make a card payment, and collect their purchase.

Enhancing Accessibility While Restricting Underage Access

This digital ID technology is not just about convenience; it aims to provide better access to age-restricted goods and services, especially for individuals who may not possess traditional forms of identification like passports or a driving license. The primary goal is to restrict children's access to age-inappropriate products and services, both online and offline.

Impact on the Vaping Industry

This development is seen as part of the broader trend of using technology to innovate within the vaping industry. Vaping has been praised for its positive impact on the health of former smokers, and the introduction of vending machines with digital ID technology is expected to further support smokers in transitioning to less harmful vape products.

With the need to strike a balance between accessibility for adults and safeguarding against underage access to age-restricted products, AI Age Verification promises safer and more responsible access to age-restricted goods and services in retail and service sectors. 

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