Ride the Vape Wave into the New Year

Ride the Vape Wave into the New Year

Looking to ride the vape wave into the new year? Well, hold onto your hats because the Vape Ape vending machine might just be the turbo boost your venue needs! As more folks swap their smokes for vapour, capturing this trend could be a game-changer.


Why's Vaping all the Rage?

Picture this: a safer, more customizable alternative to traditional smoking that's all the buzz. Vaping ticks all the boxes—less harmful, flavours for days, and a community vibe that's got everyone talking.

Enter the Vape Vending Machine:

Say hello to the future of convenience! Our nifty Vape Apes Vending machines dish out vapes quicker than you can say 'cloud nine.' Powered by top-notch tech, they're the ultimate customer satisfaction hack.

Fits Everywhere:

Got a vape club? A cool smoking nook? These machines slide in anywhere. From tiny wall-mounted gadgets to big, freestanding wonders, they're versatile enough for any spot.

E-Cig Vending Bonanza:

Ever spotted those e-cig vending machines at airports or malls? They're making a splash! Critics fret about rules, but fans root for a safer alternative and a helping hand in kicking the smoke habit.

Perks, Anyone?

Imagine your customers grabbing their vape fix anytime, day or night. For businesses, it's a sales jackpot with automated magic cutting labor costs and making moolah round the clock.

The Profitable Buzz:

Where there's demand, there's profit! These vape machines thrive in high-traffic areas, promising not just sales but serious cash in your pockets.


Final Hoorah:

Vape Ape Vending machines aren’t just a fancy add-on. They're the rocket fuel your venue needs to keep up with the vaping frenzy. So, jump on board and let the good times roll!

To find out more about how our Vape Apes Vending machine will be the perfect addition to your venue next year, head over to our Contact us page and leave your details. We'll be in touch asap to discuss your requirements.

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