Sustainable Vaping Week

Sustainable Vaping Week

Hot off the heels of International E-Waste Day on Saturday 14th October, we're delighted to be supporting Sustainable Vaping Week. This groundbreaking initiative aims to encourage responsible recycling practices among consumers, and promote environmental responsibility throughout the sector.

Sustainable Vaping Week, which runs from Monday 16th to Sunday 22nd October, is a campaign set up by the UK Vaping Industry Association. On a mission to galvanize the vaping industry across the UK, the campaign will bring together physical stores, online platforms and media channels, to enlighten vapers about the need for recycling.

So what's the truth about vaping and recycling? 

Contrary to popular belief, disposable vapes are actually highly recyclable and recoverable. Despite this, new evidence shows as many as 70% of people threw their single-use vapes away because they didn’t know they could recycle them. launches alongside Sustainable Vaping Week. It is a permanent information hub, offering both consumers and the vaping industry with the know-how to take positive action and reduce the impact of vaping on the environment.


Are you a vaper and unsure what to do with your used vapes? Are you hoarding them where you live or work? Well, you’re not alone as there is a lot of confusion around the best and safest way to dispose of your vapes in an environmentally conscious way. For all the answers to the above questions and more, download the Recycling Guide here.


Find out what your obligations are selling vapes on your premises and how you can make a difference through providing on-site vape recycling facilities. Read more here.


What questions should you be asking to ensure that you select the ideal waste management partner, and how to ensure your business is compliant with the environmental regulations? Find all the answers here.

As members of the UK Vaping Industry, we are proud supporters of Sustainable Vaping Week, and fully stand by their mission to unite the industry and consumers in a common goal of sustainability and responsible vaping.

If you'd like to find out more about Sustainable Vaping Week, or you'd like to chat to us about what we're doing to ensure our venues and partners are stepping up to their environmental responsibility, get in touch with us here

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