Looking For An Over The Bar Solution ?

Do you want to offer vapes in your venue, but unsure on the best products?

What are our customers using? What are the best sellers? Lost on what brand or flavours to stock?

The Vape Apes Starter packs are the easiest way to start making money form vapes & keep your customers from walking to the shops.

The Vape Apes chosen flavours are the UK best selling, matched with unparalleled quality brands.

Vape Apes wholesale pricing allows you to buy with confidence.

Vape Apes Behind The Bar Starter Kit

Buy Back Guarantee

If you do not sell all the vapes supplied in 60 days Vape Apes will buy back all left over stock.

What’s included in your Starter Kit?
Free Branded Back Bar Display
Free Rejection Register
60 vapes the 6 bestselling flavours in the UK.
Free delivery

Elf Bar - Lost Mary

10 Lost Mary Strawberry Kiwi

10 Lost Mary Pink Lemonade

10 Lost Mary Double Apple

10 Lost Mary Blue Raz Ice

10 Lost Mary Blueberry Sour Raspberry

10 Lost Mary Watermelon Ice

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What if they don’t sell vapes in our Pub? …. Vape Apes
will buy back all unwanted / unsold stock hassle free.

Do I need a license in our bar?

No… these items are covered by your challenge 25 policy.

Are vapes safe?

Vapes are considered 95% safer than combustible products. 

How much return will our venue get?

The Vape Apes Start Pack cost is £265.
Profit once sold is £115.

How does our bar get involved?

Simply click the button below or call our sales team & your order will be delivered tomorrow.

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