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Double Drip Lemon & Lime Disposable Vape - 10 Per Box

Double Drip Lemon & Lime Disposable Vape - 10 Per Box

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Double Drip Lemon & Lime Disposable Vape

Lemon & Lime from Double Drip unites the classic citrus duo for a bright and zesty vaping experience. Savour the sharp, tangy edge of Lemon and the zing sweetness of fresh Lime as they combine to create a refreshing taste sensation that dances on your tastebuds. It's pure citrus bliss in every puff.

The Double Drip Disposable vape is an elegantly simple and stylish all-in-one ‘matchbox-style’ disposable vape device that fits perfectly in your palm, making it incredibly comfortable to use. The Disposable vape works straight out of the packet with a simple inhale, delivering a rush of incredible flavour in a satisfying 20mg nicotine salt formulation. Every Double Drip Disposable features a mesh coil for improved flavour in addition to a long-lasting internal battery that ensures you enjoy every last drop of Double Drip e-liquid contained inside.

That nicotine salt-based e-liquid ensures near-instant relief from cravings, as the nic salt formulation is absorbed into the bloodstream faster while allowing for a higher 20mg strength, all while delivering a silky-smooth and satisfying throat hit. 

Disposable vape devices like the Double Drip Disposable are a great way for newer vapers to get a feel for vaping and the countless delicious flavours on offer, while more experienced vapers will appreciate having a no-nonsense, no-fuss device as a handy backup. 

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